We are happy to announce Heutagogy 0.1, the completely open source personal assistant for lifelong learning. This is the first release of Heutagogy, and we’re looking forward to early adopters and contributors.

Heutagogy aims to cover the whole path of data from gathering to its efficient usage.

  • Reading list management, to never lose your sources.
  • Store bookmarked pages, to rescue them from oblivion.
  • Tagging, for easier sorting.
  • Save reading progress.
  • Annotate and extract data from web pages.
  • Spaced repetition, to memorize facts.
  • Incremental reading.
  • Personal knowledge management techniques, to organize knowledge and make it accessible.

So far only reading list management is implemented, but we are full of energy and determination!

Check out Heutagogy components:


We also have a continuous deployment of the latest versions for testing purposes. If you want to try Heutagogy, use the following guide.

  1. Register on the backend.
  2. Use the frontend.
  3. Install Heutagogy Google Chrome Extension.
  4. Install the Android application.


Join our Gitter chat.

We follow the C4 process. Submit any issues to one of Heutagogy repositories.